Monday, 11 August 2014

Lilac Mermaid

Originally I had planned to wear this outfit whilst frolicking through lavender fields, breathing in fresh air and drinking homemade lemonade but Saturday was one of those days that just didn't go to plan. For the past three weeks me and Jimmy Willy have planned to go to the lavender fields not too far from my crib for a relaxing day of prettiness but each week something has always got in the way. This week it was a mean lady on a bus who wouldn't let us get on without an Oyster card, despite us handing over our pennies. Sigh. Epsom isn't even an Oyster zone.

After our hearts were broken for the third week in a row, we decided we'd still do something with our day and headed to the big smoke, Covent Garden to be precise. We thought we'd head to Rokit, and then mosey around watching street performers until hunger kicked in and then we'd find somewhere to dine. A great plan it would seem but everyone wanted to rain on our parade on this fine, Saturday afternoon. Let me explain...

Bralet - ASOS
My Little Pony jumper - ASOS
Skirt - Monki 
Bag - River Island
Sliders - ASOS

(Excuse my claw, I get all bashful and don't know what to do when James takes my blog pictures). 

This was my ensemble for the day. As you can see I'm all lilac-ed up for a day of dancing amongst the lavender but instead I'm being shifty in a Covent Garden alleyway. Prior to these photos, James and I were minding our own business in Rokit, admiring some vintage gems when I stumbled across a stunning Japanese kimono in the most glorious of baby pink shades. As a bonus it was reduced to £23! Excellent, I thought to myself, and went skipping through the store to show James. After putting it on for him to swoon over, a member of staff storms over. Ah, it's the miserable looking chick that gave me a death stare as I walked in. 

"The changing rooms are over there," she announced. 
"Yes I know, I was just trying this on," I said to her, confused.
"You can't get dressed here, we have customers," she continues. 
"Um, I'm wearing a top. This is my top," I reply. 
"Well it looks like a bra," she insisted and looked me up and down as if I was some sort of lost prostitute, finding my way back to my pimp. My pimp, I mean James, then backed me up, proving I was wearing a top. 

I don't know if I'm being silly but I was so shocked someone could be so rude to a potentially paying customer. (Needless to say I put the kimono down and shuffled out of the shop like a kicked puppy). It's the middle of the summer and most girls own/wear bralets and crop tops with nothing else. I don't have big, offensive breasts that are jiggling around with the risk of knocking someone out so I don't see the big deal. Boy, she was a nasty piece of work. 

Anyway, I was feeling a bit down after that and scurried into Urban Outfitters with my tail between my legs when a lovely lass came up to me and said how amazing my skirt was, after this I had quite a few compliments throughout the day about it so a bit of confidence was restored...

I swished that thing around like there was no tomorrow! I am in love with this skirt and it makes me feel like a mermaid. 

Jeez, I'm so bashful in these photos. 

There's nothing like a purple fluffy bag for some comfort. Oh, and tapas of course, which is what we had for dins. To see where we went check out my instagram @soniaflower, it was amazing food! And give @theglitterden a follow too. 

Bye chickens!


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