Sunday, 23 October 2016

UNIF's rainbow

So looking back this post is a bit summery. The pictures were shot back in the summer in the brightly coloured streets of Notting Hill but as I'm looking out of window now, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and we could almost pretend we're still enjoying the July heat. 

Of all of the cribs in Notting Hill this one is one of my favourites. The lime green is different to the usual pastels and makes everything pop! The perfect location for pics of a rainbow top. 

Unif is one of my favourite brands and the Lenny top is err'thang. 

I kept things simple and paired with this white A-line skirt that was about £1 from a carboot. 

My baby pink Fjällräven Kånken is the perfect backpack for a day out. It fits so much in and is just too cute. 

Let's get a closer look at the little honey. 

What a stunner. 

Now I love a bit of silver and these trainers have to be my all time faves. THEY LIGHT UP. The folks at BEAM shoes kindly sent them to me and you should obviously go get yourself a pair. 

You can choose which colour combo you want to have them on or you can have them on the flashing setting. So dreamy. 

I have one more summery outfit to post (I've been pretty lazy as of late) and then it's on to shooting everything fluffy for the colder season. 


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Monday, 8 August 2016

The Sea Witch

Anything with a slight bit of shimmer makes me feel like a mermaid. Mermaids are great, mermaids are cute but my favourite underwater half-woman, half-sea creature is Ursula the Sea Witch. Soz Ariel, I'd swap lives with her any day of the week. 

Regardless of my tentacled creature preferences, this Zara dress does have the mermaid vibe and I was kind of hoping Ursula would detect me from the deep waters as a potential evil minion, whilst hanging out on Barcelona beach. 

As you can see, my sunburn really came into it's own on this particular day. Let's pretend it's just the warm rays of the sun reflecting off my skin. 

My Birkenstocks were my trusty companion throughout the entire holiday, but during this particular venture I wasn't feeling them. My toes had to be at one with the sand. Mermaids don't wear bloody Birkenstocks.  

 The ocean was calling my name and I went for a little dip. 

After wading out of the calming sea, I knew I had to make a life decision. Do I stay out here in these golden rays and worsen my sunburn? Or do I give up human life to go and live with my evil Queen, Ursula...

It wasn't a hard decision...

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Bardot in Barcelona

Barcelona is (so far) one of my favourite cities. Since I spent my teenage years living in Poole by the seaside, I feel at home on a beach but at the same time I love the hustle and bustle of city life. Barcelona is a glorious concoction of the two. 

After finding some decently priced flights and an adorable but very cheap Airbnb, the boy and I made our way to the wonderful city. Even though I had been before and after spending an additional 4 days there, I still feel like I haven't seen it all. 

Guess I'll have to make my way back there soon. 

We touched down in Barcelona at midday and headed straight to the beach. Turns out two of our pals were enjoying their last day there so we went to meet them for some drinks on the sand. 

When you lay back on Barcelona beach, basking in the rays, the air is filled with shouts of 'Mojito! Mojito!' 'Cold beer!' 'You want massage?' You get used to it and eventually zone it out but I witnessed something that I don't think I'll ever be able to zone out. 

On the afternoon of our second day I was starting to feel the need for a sugary snack. Trying to muster up the energy to walk to the local shop, a dull ringing caught my attention. I sat up and looked around, trying to detect the foreign sound. In the horizon, I saw a topless male shimmying along the beach with some sort of pyramid balanced on his head. As he got closer, I noticed he was carrying a triangle in his hand and was playing it with enthusiasm whilst singing out of tune. I also noticed the object on his head was a pyramid made of stacked up doughnuts. I couldn't believe my eyes. Not only were my prayers for saturated fat answered, I couldn't believe the talent this guy had. Moves like Jagger? Check. The ability to play the underrated instrument? Check. Balance like a tightrope walker? Check. I was feeling truly inspired. And still hungry. 

Whilst in awe of the marvel in front of me, I missed my chance to get my sugar rush. God damn. That was until the boy spotted him making his way back up the beach towards us with only three doughnuts to spare. 'Run James, run!' I yelled. And boy did he run. He returned with the final golden doughnut in hand. It was delicious. 

Anyway, on to the outfit. 

This ruffle rainbow top of dreams is from ASOS and it's in the sale! See how it emphasises my slightly pink shoulder? Stunning. But for real, this top adds a little somethin' somethin' to the overly saturated off-shoulder top market. 

I decided to clash prints to distract from my sunburn with this zebra print skirt from Zara and my favourite little fluffy bag from River Island. 

I wear my white Birkenstocks nearly everyday come summer, so I wanted to shake things up a bit with some black sandals and found these Eeight beauties (also in the sale) on ASOS. 

I'm obsessed with them even though they gave me scabs and emphasise my bizarre toes. 

Until next time. 

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wild At Heart

There's a theme in today's post. I'm thinking 1999. I'm thinking Eiffel 65. That's right, I'm thinking I'm blue daba dee daba die.

If you know me, you'll know I'm a fan of colour. A little pink here, a little rainbow there, so when you have a blank canvas like this Zara shirt dress (which is now in the sale if you can track it down) you've got to play with some colour. 

Blue is very much pleasing to my eye. I love blue. I took blue and I multiplied it. Hunting through my overflowing floordrobe, I spied out the hues of blue.

From head...             (Sunglasses here).

To toe(s)...               (Sandals, similar here).

Even my little fluffy sidekick had his blue hat on for the occasion. 

And to finish it off, the dream location for someone feeling way too blue, this adorable florist in Notting Hill. Everything about it is so dreamy, but I almost wish they were open on this fine day so I could have treated my dreamboat of a photographer, Rosie, to some blooms. 

I feel like they knew we were coming though, as they left my favourite hydrangeas in the window in BLUE! 

How many more times can I say blue?
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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Saying goodbye to Verona

It's taken me a while to wrap up my little Italy series because I can't quite get over the fact that it's over. If the sun is shining strong enough (or if my office is stuffy enough) and I close my eyes, I can almost pretend I'm still there sipping on prosecco and stuffing my face with olives, bread and cheese. I dream of dipping crusty bread into burrata every night.  

On our last day in Verona we decided to trek up the tallest hill to soak up the sun and the stunning views of the city. Want a little peek?

We took a picnic to the top and it was honestly one of my highlights of the whole trip. The sun was so warm and it was so peaceful all the way up above the city.

On to my hiking ensemble. 

So obviously I didn't go all out hike-mode as I didn't realise how steep our climb would be, but I knew we would be taking some pics up top with the view and you've gotta look cute for the 'gram, am I right?

Top - H&M
Skirt - Car boot
Sandals - Birkenstock
Sunglasses - Rayban 

I went on a quest for this little H&M number after spotting it on one of the gals at work. After a wild goose-chase around 3 of London's H&M's, I finally found it hanging off a golden 'Last chance to buy' hanger. It was fate! 

I didn't think I'd be such a huge fan of the off-shoulder trend but I've fallen for it like a sucker. I guess it doesn't love me as much as after one outing in this top, it left me with lobster-like shoulders. 

Despite the burns, Verona, I love you.

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Monday, 30 May 2016

Venice, Italy

Oh how I miss you, beautiful Venice. 

Continuing on from my previous blog post, the ladies and I were lucky enough to pop to Venice for the day during our stay in Verona as it's only a short train journey away and boy was it worth it. I'd had been once before as a child with my folks but it felt like it was all just a dream. 

Sunglasses - Rayban
Playsuit - ASOS
Trainers - Vans

It really was just as stunning as I remembered and spent the day in awe, wandering through narrow alleys, crossing over sun-drenched bridges and practising Italian with passing-by gondoliers. 

Although it was heaving with tourists through many of the main streets, if you explore for long enough you can find serene, quiet courtyards like this one. We spent a gloriously peaceful afternoon, basking in the sun's rays. 

I wanted something cute but comfy for our day in Venice and this playsuit was the trick. An adorable baby blue hue, with ruffle and bow details, it was love at first click. You can dress this little guy up with heels and he would be so sweet at a summer wedding or you can casual him down with some dirty vans like I did. My feet had to be taken care of for a whole day of exploring! 

One of my ladies was wearing this H&M hat as part of her ensemble but I stole it for a little while. The other two ladies were making me feel bashful during this shoot. 

Enough about me, and more about Venice. Here are some snaps for your viewing pleasure. 

Don't forget me Venice, I'll never forget you.

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