Monday, 10 November 2014


Even though Halloween has been and gone, things got a little bit spooky in this set of outfit pictures. 

Shirt dress - Girls On Film
Faux fur lapel - ASOS
Slip - ASOS 
Boots - Dr Martens
Sunglasses - MinkPink

There's an abandoned piano in my car port at home. Sometimes at night when the moon is at its brightest and fullest, if you listen really carefully, you can hear a strange being tickling the ivories. Legend has it, if you stop him from playing his sweet, sweet, music your heart stops beating. 

"You stop my choonz, and I stop you," he snarls at you. Apparently his most requested song is 'Superbass' by Nicki Minaj. Now can you see why I was so terrified?

Not really, I laugh in the face of danger...

Not only do we have old pianos strewn across our property, we also have my Dad's old Land Rover which he used to ride across the Peruvian desert. It has a much less exciting existence now, rusting away in the UK. It makes a great climbing frame, however. 

After I had my fun climbing all over a vehicle, my nephew came running over wanting to take photos of me and the man behind the lens, James. 

"Look threatening," Raul instructed. 

We tried and failed. 

"Look happy and loving," he insisted. 

We tried and failed. 

Just kidding, there's no denying how adorable we are...

And finally "Gaze into the horizon as if it's your future."

Do you know what we saw in our future? 

A lot of pizza and ice cream. 


Monday, 3 November 2014

Attacked again

Mother Nature is a cheeky old gal, she makes everything look all warm and inviting when you gaze out of the window. She flirts with you, lures you outside to enjoy her goods. Well aware of the temptress and her naughty ways, I went out cautiously draped in faux fur.

Faux fur stole - ASOS
Shirt dress - Noisy May 
Slip skirt - ASOS
Shoes - ASOS (£2 from the sample sale!!)

Things started off smoothly, a little tickle here, a gentle stroke there. She even gave a me a bit of a Beyonce moment, whipping my hair around like a diva. 

Then she decided to turn on me for some reason. She knocked me back and my hair flipping was less Beyonce, more Willow Smith on something illegal. 

She ain't having the last laugh though. I picked up my sorry ass and made the most of this situation. I bloody flew!

Well I thought I was going to take off but she dragged me back to earth with a big thud. 

I can't believe what a steal these shoes were from ASOS. When I was working there a couple of weeks a go I went to their weekly sample sale for staff and it was amazing. Everything varies from £1 to £2 pounds. I spent £15 pounds in total and came out with so much loot. 

Another little munchkin decided to try and defy gravity, except Mother Nature tried to claim her as her own. I had to grab her dinky little ankle and tug her back down as if she was a runaway balloon. 

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