Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Home Sweet Home

This weekend James and I galloped off to the South to see my mum and friends and to indulge in an early birthday treat. My mum had treated us to tickets to go see The Lion King on stage. It was so amazing and she bought me baby Simba to snuggle with during the second half. James got a bit jealous. Along with our theatre trip, we also took James down to Sandbanks at sunset to see how beautiful it is. It made quite the glorious backdrop.

Sunglasses - MinkPink
Crop top - Vintage reclaimed
Skirt - Lavish Alice
Shoes - Birkenstock

It was rather blowy and my skirt acted as some sort of wind sail, I thought I was going to go flailing like a rag in to the ocean. However, I did have my own Marilyn moment... 

I love a pocket and luckily this skirt has two as that was the only way I managed to preserve my modesty from the elderly dog walkers bumbling past. 

As you can expect from a windy evening by the seaside, it was a bit nippy but luckily I had come prepared with this scarf. It might look like I picked up a dog blanket from the back of my mother's car but I promise this was manufactured for the use of a chilly human. 

Tartan scarf - ASOS

Turns out the photographer wanted a snuggle with the scarf as well. Who's the better pouter?

I reckon James is. 

What a glorious evening and a glorious weekend. Thanks to everyone I saw for making it so good! Love and miss y'all. 


  1. Love the photos as well as your skirt!
    s xx


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