Thursday, 31 July 2014


Imagine being in Thailand, the hot sun warming your completely relaxed back, the soft white sand between your toes, the crystal blue waters gently lapping the shore and a beautiful temple in the background....

If I concentrated really, really hard yesterday I could almost fool myself that I was in Thailand gazing at a stunning buddhist temple when in actual fact, I was in London. Wimbledon to be specific, at the Buddhapadipa Temple. Situated in the middle of a wealthy residential area, you'd never know it was there unless you went looking for it which is exactly what me and one of my ladies did.

The white temple with the gold and red detailing made it a rather glorious location for some blog photos. 

As we were blessed with blue skies and hot sun, I wanted to wear shorts and a crop but not wanting to be too nakey at such a spiritual venue, I covered up with this duster style kimono from ASOS. If you don't know already, I'm obsessed with anything co-ord or twosie so this matching short and kimono combo is a nice version of the trend and the print is simply divine, darling. You can get both gems here and here (P.S the shorts are now reduced, hurrah!).

I went all 90's/naughties/sporty spice with my Nike crop and accessories. I had to get these ASOS heart-shaped sunglasses because they took me back to my youth, except I'm pretty sure the ones I had when I was 10 had a diamonte heart on them...cute? My latest choker addition has a virgo pendant on which I love. It's from depop, search @jewelleryboxcreations. It was only £4 with free postage! Lovely. 

I had to do a little temple dance and swoosh my cape, I mean kimono, around. 

We decided to explore the gardens of the temple which were so lovely. As you walk through there are little placards dotted around with quotes on them and buddhist statues everywhere. There was also this adorable little bridge to cross over the river. 

This bridge reminds me of a scene in Mulan and I thought I was her for a second. I nearly burst in to song but settled for gazing in to the horizon reflectively... 

Oh and I almost forgot to say, my shoes are just the New Look staples that I've worn here and here

The inside of the temple was breath-taking. There's a sneaky picture of it on my instagram, @soniaflower. 

Let's take a look at the dreamy building from afar. 

So incredible, isn't she?

If you're ever in or around Wimbledon and want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city I definitely recommend going on a warm, sunny day and just sit in the peace and quiet and drink in all the beauty. 

I'll leave you with my favourite Mulan song (it was hard to choose) and don't forget to follow me on instagram @soniaflower and @theglitterden. 

Farewell, all!



  1. this is so cool! I love the kimono and your piercing suits you very well btw! Love the Mulan reference, she's the best disney 'princess'... Okay together with Ariel!

    Thanks for following my blog, I like yours too so *new follower* ! ;)

    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

    1. Thank you so much darling! Yeah, I LOVE Mulan, Ariel is also a great chick.

      No problem! I loved your blog, thanks for being a new follower <3



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