Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Home Sweet Home

This weekend James and I galloped off to the South to see my mum and friends and to indulge in an early birthday treat. My mum had treated us to tickets to go see The Lion King on stage. It was so amazing and she bought me baby Simba to snuggle with during the second half. James got a bit jealous. Along with our theatre trip, we also took James down to Sandbanks at sunset to see how beautiful it is. It made quite the glorious backdrop.

Sunglasses - MinkPink
Crop top - Vintage reclaimed
Skirt - Lavish Alice
Shoes - Birkenstock

It was rather blowy and my skirt acted as some sort of wind sail, I thought I was going to go flailing like a rag in to the ocean. However, I did have my own Marilyn moment... 

I love a pocket and luckily this skirt has two as that was the only way I managed to preserve my modesty from the elderly dog walkers bumbling past. 

As you can expect from a windy evening by the seaside, it was a bit nippy but luckily I had come prepared with this scarf. It might look like I picked up a dog blanket from the back of my mother's car but I promise this was manufactured for the use of a chilly human. 

Tartan scarf - ASOS

Turns out the photographer wanted a snuggle with the scarf as well. Who's the better pouter?

I reckon James is. 

What a glorious evening and a glorious weekend. Thanks to everyone I saw for making it so good! Love and miss y'all. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hey Ya!

Normally when I'm hungover I like to roll around in my own filth surrounded by pizza, an assortment of fruit juices and piles of candy. I like to drift in and out of sleep, occasionally prying my eyes open to see the time/watch a film/eat more pizza but this hangover I was dragged out of my sty like an reluctant little piglet. Sundays are my glorious housemate and her lover boy's only day off together so each week they partake in what they call 'Super Sunday'. Except she sounds like Johnny Vegas so it's more like 'Soo'er Soondey'. She's going to kill me. HI LOZ. 

Anyway, this Super Sunday turned into a double date situation and my guy and I tagged along for a day of fun. We went to The Power of Summer Street Feast at Battersea Park for some grub. Each week there's a selection of pop-up restaurants to dine at in the sunshine. The area itself is decorated cutely with giant Jenga, directors chairs to relax in and a trampoline to play on...

There's me being a little froggy. 

After we fooled around on it we saw a sign saying it was for 12 years and under, woopsy. 

We were spoilt for choice in terms of grub to indulge in. We couldn't decide what our poor hungover bellies were craving the most. In the end we made a wise choice in Le Bun. A very wise choice indeed. 

This is making me want to lick the screen because I'm really hungry and this was phenomenal. We all went for the same because we're sheep and get serious food envy, this is Le Duck Frites Bun. Let me explain to you whats underneath that naughty, seeded brioche bun. Pulled confit duck. Yes. Pulled duck. I am a massive pulled pork fan but Jeez Louise pulled duck is on another level. Unless you hate ducks, then I guess it would be on a rather low level for you... anyway. On top of the pulled duck was crispy little straw fries, a Bearnaise spread, a champagne slaw and the drizzled over that was a duck sauce. It was like a party in my mouth. 

The fries, oh my Lord the fries. Now, I don't know exactly what they fried them in (tell us Le Bun) and I don't know if it was because we were hungover but the fries were unreal. It left us all so quiet and wide eyed as we munched on them. What you can see laying on top of the fries was the most amazing truffle mayo. So bloody yummy. If you ever stumble across Le Bun I urge you to try this wonderful creation. That naughty guy in the background is just my tequila slushy, he was also rather splendid.

After all the eating, we just chilled and then had a wander. It was one of those days where I just wanted to be relaxed and so comfy and I threw on this outfit without much thought and I ended up really liking it. 

Pretty much everything is ASOS apart from my trusty Birkenstocks and my Noisy May kimono, which is going to perfect in seeing me through the transition between summer and autumn. 

Sheer tops and blouses can be tricky to wear. People literally stare you down as if you're an escaped mental patient if you wear them with a cute bra underneath. I don't mind really, but if you're a little more shy then I'd wear a cute printed bikini top like this popcorn one, a bralet or a crop top underneath. 

I call these shorts my PE shorts. They kind of look like they were made to run cross country across a muddy school field but they're so comfortable and versatile. 

All in all it was a fabulous day finishing with a delicious Eton Mess Froyo.

Such a beauty. 

Until next time darlings. 


Monday, 18 August 2014

Voodoo Child

Twosie - Textile Federation x ASOS

James has got himself a new job in Dalston so I met him on Friday night after work to go for some pizza and a wander. Every day on his voyage to work he passes Voodoo Ray's and starts to salivate. It was finally time to go check it out. They sell pizza by the slice and have many different topping combinations to choose from. We were very much excited. The slices were bloody huge and the toppings were different and interesting. When we finally got our sloppy tongues around one of the ginormous slices, we did think it was delicious but we were expecting a little more. All the flavours seemed to merge in to one and I couldn't make out any distinct toppings which was disappointing. The little dipping sauces, however, were bursting with flavour and the secret recipe chilli sauce was our favourite. I don't know if I'd make the trek to Dalston for a Voodoo Ray's again but it was cute inside, the staff were nice and if you're in the area it's probably worth it. 

If not, you'll make the mission across London and start to feel a bit like this...

James was creative director for this set of blog photos. He told me to give him lots of 'tude.

After flipping him the middle finger, I decided enough was enough and went back to my usual bashful ways. 

This little two piece is by Textile Federation in their recent collaboration with ASOS. It's so cute and comfortable and would work as individual statement pieces or together like this, which reminds me of a little vintage playsuit. I teamed it with my usual white Birkenstocks. I just can't get over how comfortable they are, especially for a day walking around London which we then did after gorging on pizza. We wandered down to Convent Garden for some delicious Italian ice cream from Gelupo and then moseyed on back towards Waterloo to come home. In the summer I love walking around the city, you don't realise how close everything is, you avoid smelly tube people and you get to see things that you would miss when you're deep underground. 

For picture of pizza related things and the rest of our night follow me on instagram @soniaflower or for more fashiony/OOTD pictures follow @theglitterden. 

For now I'll leave you with Mr Hendrix. 


Monday, 11 August 2014

Lilac Mermaid

Originally I had planned to wear this outfit whilst frolicking through lavender fields, breathing in fresh air and drinking homemade lemonade but Saturday was one of those days that just didn't go to plan. For the past three weeks me and Jimmy Willy have planned to go to the lavender fields not too far from my crib for a relaxing day of prettiness but each week something has always got in the way. This week it was a mean lady on a bus who wouldn't let us get on without an Oyster card, despite us handing over our pennies. Sigh. Epsom isn't even an Oyster zone.

After our hearts were broken for the third week in a row, we decided we'd still do something with our day and headed to the big smoke, Covent Garden to be precise. We thought we'd head to Rokit, and then mosey around watching street performers until hunger kicked in and then we'd find somewhere to dine. A great plan it would seem but everyone wanted to rain on our parade on this fine, Saturday afternoon. Let me explain...

Bralet - ASOS
My Little Pony jumper - ASOS
Skirt - Monki 
Bag - River Island
Sliders - ASOS

(Excuse my claw, I get all bashful and don't know what to do when James takes my blog pictures). 

This was my ensemble for the day. As you can see I'm all lilac-ed up for a day of dancing amongst the lavender but instead I'm being shifty in a Covent Garden alleyway. Prior to these photos, James and I were minding our own business in Rokit, admiring some vintage gems when I stumbled across a stunning Japanese kimono in the most glorious of baby pink shades. As a bonus it was reduced to £23! Excellent, I thought to myself, and went skipping through the store to show James. After putting it on for him to swoon over, a member of staff storms over. Ah, it's the miserable looking chick that gave me a death stare as I walked in. 

"The changing rooms are over there," she announced. 
"Yes I know, I was just trying this on," I said to her, confused.
"You can't get dressed here, we have customers," she continues. 
"Um, I'm wearing a top. This is my top," I reply. 
"Well it looks like a bra," she insisted and looked me up and down as if I was some sort of lost prostitute, finding my way back to my pimp. My pimp, I mean James, then backed me up, proving I was wearing a top. 

I don't know if I'm being silly but I was so shocked someone could be so rude to a potentially paying customer. (Needless to say I put the kimono down and shuffled out of the shop like a kicked puppy). It's the middle of the summer and most girls own/wear bralets and crop tops with nothing else. I don't have big, offensive breasts that are jiggling around with the risk of knocking someone out so I don't see the big deal. Boy, she was a nasty piece of work. 

Anyway, I was feeling a bit down after that and scurried into Urban Outfitters with my tail between my legs when a lovely lass came up to me and said how amazing my skirt was, after this I had quite a few compliments throughout the day about it so a bit of confidence was restored...

I swished that thing around like there was no tomorrow! I am in love with this skirt and it makes me feel like a mermaid. 

Jeez, I'm so bashful in these photos. 

There's nothing like a purple fluffy bag for some comfort. Oh, and tapas of course, which is what we had for dins. To see where we went check out my instagram @soniaflower, it was amazing food! And give @theglitterden a follow too. 

Bye chickens!

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