Monday, 18 August 2014

Voodoo Child

Twosie - Textile Federation x ASOS

James has got himself a new job in Dalston so I met him on Friday night after work to go for some pizza and a wander. Every day on his voyage to work he passes Voodoo Ray's and starts to salivate. It was finally time to go check it out. They sell pizza by the slice and have many different topping combinations to choose from. We were very much excited. The slices were bloody huge and the toppings were different and interesting. When we finally got our sloppy tongues around one of the ginormous slices, we did think it was delicious but we were expecting a little more. All the flavours seemed to merge in to one and I couldn't make out any distinct toppings which was disappointing. The little dipping sauces, however, were bursting with flavour and the secret recipe chilli sauce was our favourite. I don't know if I'd make the trek to Dalston for a Voodoo Ray's again but it was cute inside, the staff were nice and if you're in the area it's probably worth it. 

If not, you'll make the mission across London and start to feel a bit like this...

James was creative director for this set of blog photos. He told me to give him lots of 'tude.

After flipping him the middle finger, I decided enough was enough and went back to my usual bashful ways. 

This little two piece is by Textile Federation in their recent collaboration with ASOS. It's so cute and comfortable and would work as individual statement pieces or together like this, which reminds me of a little vintage playsuit. I teamed it with my usual white Birkenstocks. I just can't get over how comfortable they are, especially for a day walking around London which we then did after gorging on pizza. We wandered down to Convent Garden for some delicious Italian ice cream from Gelupo and then moseyed on back towards Waterloo to come home. In the summer I love walking around the city, you don't realise how close everything is, you avoid smelly tube people and you get to see things that you would miss when you're deep underground. 

For picture of pizza related things and the rest of our night follow me on instagram @soniaflower or for more fashiony/OOTD pictures follow @theglitterden. 

For now I'll leave you with Mr Hendrix. 


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