Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hey Ya!

Normally when I'm hungover I like to roll around in my own filth surrounded by pizza, an assortment of fruit juices and piles of candy. I like to drift in and out of sleep, occasionally prying my eyes open to see the time/watch a film/eat more pizza but this hangover I was dragged out of my sty like an reluctant little piglet. Sundays are my glorious housemate and her lover boy's only day off together so each week they partake in what they call 'Super Sunday'. Except she sounds like Johnny Vegas so it's more like 'Soo'er Soondey'. She's going to kill me. HI LOZ. 

Anyway, this Super Sunday turned into a double date situation and my guy and I tagged along for a day of fun. We went to The Power of Summer Street Feast at Battersea Park for some grub. Each week there's a selection of pop-up restaurants to dine at in the sunshine. The area itself is decorated cutely with giant Jenga, directors chairs to relax in and a trampoline to play on...

There's me being a little froggy. 

After we fooled around on it we saw a sign saying it was for 12 years and under, woopsy. 

We were spoilt for choice in terms of grub to indulge in. We couldn't decide what our poor hungover bellies were craving the most. In the end we made a wise choice in Le Bun. A very wise choice indeed. 

This is making me want to lick the screen because I'm really hungry and this was phenomenal. We all went for the same because we're sheep and get serious food envy, this is Le Duck Frites Bun. Let me explain to you whats underneath that naughty, seeded brioche bun. Pulled confit duck. Yes. Pulled duck. I am a massive pulled pork fan but Jeez Louise pulled duck is on another level. Unless you hate ducks, then I guess it would be on a rather low level for you... anyway. On top of the pulled duck was crispy little straw fries, a Bearnaise spread, a champagne slaw and the drizzled over that was a duck sauce. It was like a party in my mouth. 

The fries, oh my Lord the fries. Now, I don't know exactly what they fried them in (tell us Le Bun) and I don't know if it was because we were hungover but the fries were unreal. It left us all so quiet and wide eyed as we munched on them. What you can see laying on top of the fries was the most amazing truffle mayo. So bloody yummy. If you ever stumble across Le Bun I urge you to try this wonderful creation. That naughty guy in the background is just my tequila slushy, he was also rather splendid.

After all the eating, we just chilled and then had a wander. It was one of those days where I just wanted to be relaxed and so comfy and I threw on this outfit without much thought and I ended up really liking it. 

Pretty much everything is ASOS apart from my trusty Birkenstocks and my Noisy May kimono, which is going to perfect in seeing me through the transition between summer and autumn. 

Sheer tops and blouses can be tricky to wear. People literally stare you down as if you're an escaped mental patient if you wear them with a cute bra underneath. I don't mind really, but if you're a little more shy then I'd wear a cute printed bikini top like this popcorn one, a bralet or a crop top underneath. 

I call these shorts my PE shorts. They kind of look like they were made to run cross country across a muddy school field but they're so comfortable and versatile. 

All in all it was a fabulous day finishing with a delicious Eton Mess Froyo.

Such a beauty. 

Until next time darlings. 


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