Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Twinning with my Mini Me

Today marks the comeback of my little niece, Luli, to The Glitter Den. (Also, have you noticed it's now .com and not blogspot.com? Nifty, huh?)
Now, being a four-year-old with maybe too much sass, she has days where she is repulsed by me and days where she is my best buddy. Today was a best buddy kinda day. The best kind. So of course we had to show our unity by co-ordinating our outfits. 
We pretty much have identical pink faux fur coats. We think that every girl, whether they're 4 or 94, should own one.

Living in a house where girls out number boys by 5-3, pets included, we have to have a designated 'pink' wash. It so happened that today was also a pink wash day. What an excellent backdrop!

I didn't even have to show Luli how to pose, she's the sassiest girl I know. 

And also the tastiest...

We kept arguing over who got to wear the heart shaped sunglasses...

She won, obvs...

I admitted defeat and continued to put out the washing when a little rascal jumped out at me from the basket...

She insisted that she didn't mean to scare me and that the bucket was in fact magical...

It was the truth! It kept transforming us into each other.

Just kidding, it's not the bucket that's magical, it's us! 

My skirt is from Lavish Alice, the clutch is New Look and Luli's sunglasses are from River Island. 

Luli's coat is from Next and her dress is H&M. 

This little guy is from Lazy Oaf and it's my favourite jumper in the world! 

Yes, Luli did dress herself and yes, her shoes are on the wrong feet. We didn't realise until afterwards, oops! Her little sparklers are from Clarks and mine are ASOS. 

We hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you'd like to see another collaboration between me and Luli as I need to negotiate with her manager in advance. She's a busy lady. 
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Motel Wishlist

I haven't yet done a wishlist on my blog but boy, was it fun. It's like window shopping for the digital land, except instead of having your personal space invaded by aggressive shoppers or moping around in the cold, you can recline in bed, with your wet hair in a turby-towel and your purring cat to your left... Just me? 

My destination for online browsing today was Motel. I've always been a big fan of Motel, I love that you can get pretty much every print in whatever ever style you want, be it a twosie, a jumpsuit or a dress. 

After witnessing the tiniest glimmer of spring sunshine, it's got me feeling all summery has fuelled these picks. I have also arranged them in order to suit the chillier start of spring to the hot depths of the summer. 

Let me talk you through my choices...

1. The Lorna Jumpsuit - I love feeling like I'm in my pyjamas (I wrote about it here) so this pyjama-style jumpsuit is a dream. You don't have to think twice about slipping in to a jumpsuit, it's the ultimate lazy girls technique to looking polished with ease. 

You will find us feeling lazy but looking cute at the cinema or out eatin' burgers together. 

2. The Agatha Cropped Jacket and the Alice A-Line skirt - Now these may be sold seperately but together they are a dream! I am a sucker for a twosie or anything matching and these little honeys are just ideal. 

You will find the three of us prancing through a sunny, yellow meadow together. 

3. The Elza Dress - Yes, we all know the 70's are a thing this spring/summer and I'm not complaining. Get me anything with a bell sleeve and a retro print and I'm yours... And by yours I mean I'll share all my sweets with you and maybe let you brush my hair. 

You will find us hiding our sweets from you. 

4. The Meadow Slip Dress - I don't need to say much about this other than, someone sprinkle some scales on me and toss me a shell bra because I'm The Little Mermaid. 

You will find us hanging around with our pal Sebastian, Under the Sea. 

5. The Bessie Crop Top and the Cecile Culottes - Oh lawdy, lawd! If you've seen here, here and here, I actually did a little series dedicated to my relationship with culottes. I bloody love them, I do, so this summer-print, twosie version is a dream for me. 

You will find the three of us in Vegas in a little white chapel.  
6. The Anderson Dress - What's not to adore about this little number? The print is glorious, the style is glorious, the fact you can dress it up and dress it down is glorious. 

You will find us partying at festivals in the Summer, Summer, Summertime! 

Sorry if this post makes you want to spend your dollar but at least you'll be lookin' adorable. What is your favourite out of my picks?
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Monday, 23 February 2015


Once upon a time I was a youthful, three-year-old cherub, full of beans with a twinkle in my eye. During this time my older sisters used to dress me up and conjure up rather flattering nicknames for their adoring baby sibling. One of them was Plasti-chub, a hybrid of 'plastic' and 'chubby'. Cute huh?

Plasti-chub was bestowed upon me one damp and dreary day. My mother had bought and stuffed my chubby little body into a yellow, plastic rain mac. I then continued to waddle around, splashing in puddles to my heart's content all whilst answering to the name Plasti-chub. 

I am a fan of nostalgia and dressing in homage to my toddler days now and then and today was one of those days. 

I'm talking about the plastic coat, not the mini skirt or thigh high boots. They were a homage to Pretty Woman. 

Fridays at ASOS are a glorious occasion as more often than not, it's sample sale day. Last Friday, whilst rummaging through the Aladdin's Cave which is the sample sale, I clocked this shiny blue plastic mac. I just had to have it. 

Straight away I experienced a dramatic flashback montage of wellies, puddles and chants of Plasti-chub. For £3 how could I say no?

I would never turn my back on it. Or the way it makes a dreadful, crinkling noise when I move. 

Not only filling me with fond memories, it's also a dreamy baby blue colour (one of my faves) and it will be practical in the battle against the elements. 

Don't hate me but I'm kind of, sort of, maybe urging it to rain just a teeny weeny bit so I can flip my hood. 

This will be my reaction...

But for the time being the sun is gracing us with his presence so these sunglasses, £1, also from the sample sale, will do for now. 

All these childhood memories even have me giving it my best 90's Spice Girls pose.

Sunglasses - ASOS sample sale 
Roll-neck - Charity shop, £3
Skirt - New look
Boots - ASOS 
Mac - ASOS sample sale

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's Day Was Out Of This World

Hello bunnies! 

I hope you all had a glorious Valentine's Day whether you spent it with your significant other, the toilet bowl of a dirty club or your hamster. 

This year was my first Valentine's Day with ma boy, James. We decided to escape planet Earth for the day and visited the Dark Universe at the Planetarium instead. After a wonderful experience, we tumbled back down to earth and indulged in some Mexican food in Wahaca, Soho

I decided to get a little festive in my ensemble for the day...

I did originally want to dress as cupid but as it is bloody cold, I decided it was a silly idea to walk around London in nothing but a diaper and a pair of cherub wings. If only Valentine's Day was during the heat of the summer...

James found my heart bouncing around somewhere nearly a year ago and has had her tucked away up until now. He decided to tie her to some string and let me hang around with her for the day. It was good to be reunited and I gave her a little cuddle...

I think she prefers James though because she kept trying to escape. 

After a tug of war, we came to an agreement that if she behaved for the rest of the day, she could go home with James again so then we were pals and were just being all cute together. 

She kept trying to steal the spotlight though...

Soon I wasn't even in shot.

Don't we look co-ordinated though? 

My roll neck was £3 from a charity shop. 

Now I love me a little Moschino and this is China's finest. I might not have money for the real deal but I sure as hell have the £3.99 it cost me from eBay. Check it out here

This adorable skirt is from ASOS and I think it's currently in the sale. Unfortunately the matching top was sold out, heartbroken. 

Just after this picture was taken, things turned ugly and she decided she didn't want to be my friend anymore so James had to tie her to the goody bag he got me.

I'm going to paint that bitch black, you'd think she was made of coal.  

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Dancing Queen

My family always take great pleasure of reminding me of the time I was in an Abba tribute band. Whenever they bring this information to the attention of people, a little bit of me dies inside. I'm not the biggest Abba fan. In fact, when I hear their music a little bit of me dies inside. 

Now, I didn't volunteer or curate this tribute band, I have to make it very clear that I was recruited from my stage school to be a part of the choir during 'I Had A Dream'. That's as far as it went, kid. 

This ASOS skirt brought out my inner stage school, dancing queen, disco diva. 

Here's some evidence. 

There's more...

I got a bit hot with all those babein' moves so had to swing off my glorious New Look faux fur. 

I needed some time to cool off, and got a bit shy in the process. 

But then was ordered to shimmy by the skirt. 

With all this boogying, it's a good thing my dancing feet were comfy in my platforms. 

Aren't they dreamy? I snapped them for approximately £3 at the ASOS sample sale! 

Now all I ask of you is please never tell anyone that I used to be in an Abba tribute band. 

The end. 

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Sunday, 1 February 2015


Hello my little cherub! How do you do?
A few weeks ago I went to London dressed as some sort of creature of the galaxy to spend the day with my Mummy. 

I smuggled this little fluffatron that's draped around my shoulders out of his home planet. I think he's an endangered species though because I keep getting aggressive phone calls from a very mysterious looking number...

But I don't care because he matches my adorable Moschino phone case that James got me for Christmas! 

He slithered off after a while and left me feeling a bit cold and vulnerable. He said he was hungry. Now, I don't know what little fluffy space creatures like to eat but I did hear something about a missing chihuahua later on... 

After his snack he came back and even brought me a matching coat to wear. 

What a lovely chap. Minus his feeding habits. 

Anyway, as I said (or typed), I was spending the day with my Mother so we went to check out the God's Own Junkyard Exhibition at Lights of Soho. I now know exactly what I want the walls of my future house to look like. 

I will leave you to enjoy, sweetcheeks!


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