Monday, 8 August 2016

The Sea Witch

Anything with a slight bit of shimmer makes me feel like a mermaid. Mermaids are great, mermaids are cute but my favourite underwater half-woman, half-sea creature is Ursula the Sea Witch. Soz Ariel, I'd swap lives with her any day of the week. 

Regardless of my tentacled creature preferences, this Zara dress does have the mermaid vibe and I was kind of hoping Ursula would detect me from the deep waters as a potential evil minion, whilst hanging out on Barcelona beach. 

As you can see, my sunburn really came into it's own on this particular day. Let's pretend it's just the warm rays of the sun reflecting off my skin. 

My Birkenstocks were my trusty companion throughout the entire holiday, but during this particular venture I wasn't feeling them. My toes had to be at one with the sand. Mermaids don't wear bloody Birkenstocks.  

 The ocean was calling my name and I went for a little dip. 

After wading out of the calming sea, I knew I had to make a life decision. Do I stay out here in these golden rays and worsen my sunburn? Or do I give up human life to go and live with my evil Queen, Ursula...

It wasn't a hard decision...

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