Monday, 7 March 2016

The Rainbow Square

Well hello there! 

Typing words into blogger feels like greeting a long, lost friend. Strangely familiar but also kind of awkward. I wish I could say the reason for not blogging in almost a year is that I've been on a remote tropical island, sunning myself and sipping from coconuts, miles away from a wifi connection, but the reality is I've been suffering from a mixture of laziness, busyness and just not feelin' maself. 

Anywho, I doubt all three of my readers (hi Mum, hi sister, hi anonymous person who gets to my blog every month by google searching granny feet), have noticed or been heartbroken over my absence but I want to get this blog ball rolling again. My glorious friend Rosie and I have decided to regularly meet up to take outfit pictures and to start getting creative again, which I'm so excited about. This should mean that there will be more regular posts than once a year from now on. If that's not enough, you could always follow me on Instagram where I post Every. Single. Damn. Day.

On to the first outfit of 2016... 

Jumpsuit - ASOS 
Belt - Vintage (Stolen from Imogen) 
Stole - ASOS 
Fishnet socks - Primark 

Let me just tell you that when I first laid eyes on this jumpsuit of rainbow dreams, it was £55. My bank account and I sobbed and tried to erase it's sparkly memory from our minds, but it turns out the little fella was meant to be in our lives. It was reduced to a measly £17.50. This knowledge made me bash my security number into ASOS so ferociously that I chipped a nail. 3-5 working days later, it was mine and it was the kick up the ass that I needed to shoot a new outfit post. 

Pairing it with green faux fur and a gold belt dressed it up and made it look less pyjama-like...

And throwing on some muddy vans and whore-like fishnet socks brought it crashing back down to earth. 

Chalcot Square, the rainbow courtyard where your dreams come true, is my new favourite place and the perfect blog shoot arena. If you're ever in the Primrose Hill area, definitely go for a perve. It's so insta-worthy. 

Maybe one day I'll win some big bucks and move my toosh into the area, but for now I'll just keep dreaming of the pastel houses of perfection. 

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