Thursday, 2 October 2014

All Pink Err'thang with Chroma

Stationery. I bloody love a good bit of stationery. I'm forever perusing the shelves of places like TK Maxx perving on all the cute little mismatched notebooks, diaries and scrapbooks. There's something so satisfying about opening the page of brand new notebook, making the first crease in the pristine spine and inhaling that new notebook smell. It's almost daunting to first introduce your pen to the clean sheet in front of you. All that clean, white space waiting for you to spill your thoughts, class notes or to-do lists on to them.

It's the beginning of Autumn which means a new school, college, uni, or in us graduates cases, new job year. It's the time where you want everything to be a fresh start, like the trees shedding their summer leaves, you too are shedding all your old battered stationery. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm now a freelancer at ASOS, I've also just got another job as a PR intern (yay, money finally!). With a new job there's always new things to learn and I always need a trusty notebook nearby to jot down passwords, names, ways of doing things and the occasional reminder, so when Gabi from Chroma contacted me to send me one of her notebooks from her new range I was so excited. Let me show you why...

It comes to you all snugly wrapped in tissue paper...

Then, when you start to strip the little fellow, there's a hand written card inside. On the back of the card is the Chroma story....

"Chroma Stationery was born after years of trying to find a good quality notebook that wouldn’t break the bank but came in the exact colour we wanted. We were looking for a simple, no-fuss notebook that did exactly what it said on the tin. Most importantly we were looking for the colours we loved and a notebook we could make my own.

Chroma Stationery is a brand all about colour. Colour triggers emotions - it can remind you of people, places and moments in life. The colours that people surround themselves with are very personal and reflect personality, mood and individuality. The Chroma range is currently available in 20 different colours, each has its own name and personality. Every colour in the range is named after an important person or figure in our lives that the colour reminds us of. Each of our Chroma ranges is named after a place where we have lived or is important to us.

We offer a free embossing service where you can choose exactly what to put on your notebook, in your chosen font and size, whether that be your name, initials, a message or logo - allowing you to really make your notebook your own. All our embossing is available in gold or silver. We then gift wrap your notebook, again at no extra cost, because we think everyone deserves a lovely package to open.

Chroma Stationery values the environment and keeping things British - that is why all Chroma products are made in the UK.

Chroma reflects the simplicity and purity of colour."

How cute is that?

So if you fully rip the little guy from his wrapping you see him in all his glory in front of you...

How beautiful! I went with the silver embossing on the 'Elizabeth' colour. I hate to be a walking, talking cliche, but pink is my favourite colour. I was even wearing a lotta pink today, but more of that in a bit. 

It's so cute that I have a notebook with my little blog name on it! Now I have a space to plan any bloggy ideas. I'l probably take it to work too and show it off at any chance I get. 

You can choose to have it with plain paper or lined. Being the wordsmith that I am (LOL) I went for lined. But you more sketchy types (I don't mean that in a mean way) can go freestyle with plain paper. 

Now, not only are these books available for you to purchase (just think how snazzy you'll look showing up to your new year at school or uni or your new job or even job interviews with your own personalised book) but you can also help to keep this adorable little business going. Gabi has joined a Kickstarter programme in order to help her start up her business and spread the stationery joy. This is how:

  • You can go to her Kickstarter page here and check out all the different ways you can help. You can pledge any amount you want to help, anything from £1 upwards would be amazing!
  • Head over to their Facebook page and like and share your little heart out, here.

The more you put in to spreading the word, the more you also get out of it, including free notebooks! What are you waiting for? She's just over halfway to her target and has 17 days to go.

If you want to be extra smarmy with your personalised notebook then you can be like me and go out all matching. 

And as some sort of stroke of fate, my little niece came trotting around the corner dressed head to toe in her pink slobbies after her horsey ride. I think she wants a notebook for herself, she just learnt how to write her name. 

Dress - Motel Rocks
Kimono - Vintage Reclaimed
Shoes - ASOS

Dreamy McDreamerson. 



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