Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Free as a freelancer

It's been a little while since my last post and since then a lot has happened! I've turned 23 (sob), moved house and got myself a little job. Saying farewell to Epsom was an emotional blur, mainly because I was still intoxicated from the night before's farewell drinks, but I have now moved in with my beautiful sister, her husband (or my super, duper big brother as he would rather be known as) and their two little cherubs. Not only do I have a glorious new boudoir, but I have also got my own dressing room. Yes. A bloody dressing room. But more of that another time, I'm still in the process of filling it with all my belongings. Living in the country side but still being able to do the commute to London is perfect and as a bonus I am closer to my boy, Jimmy Willy. Dreamy.

As for my little job, I am now officially a freelance copywriter at my favourite place in the world ASOS. I say little job because it's not a full time position currently but it's very exciting nevertheless! In celebration of the gig, I thought I'd share what I wore on my first day...

Twosie: Vintage Reclaimed @ ASOS
Kimono: Noisy May
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: River Island
Sunglasses: ASOS

I'm such a floozy when in comes to a twosie, but I couldn't resist this Vintage Reclaimed number. I'm loving culottes and longer shorts as we go from summer to autumn and these are ideal for the change. This was so comfy for my first day behind the desk and then was cute to meet James for a stroll around Camden afterwards. 

Look at my rucksack bulging like a stomach in need of a gastric band. 

Oh look, it's the moon. This new addition was my birthday pressie from James, isn't she a beauty? She was done by the lovely Cassandra Frances at Black Garden Tattoo in Covent Garden, London. For a better picture, check out my Instagram @soniaflower. 

Now, I love these shoes a lot but don't underestimate how difficult it is to get a nice picture of them on my feet. My finger like toes just ain't alluring at all but they insist on being in the spotlight and scramble to escape from the tight lacing of the shoe. Little buggers. 

Hope you're having a lovely evening/afternoon/morning/middle of the night and don't forget to follow my instagram accounts, either @soniaflower or @theglitterden, or both if you really like me. 

Ta ta for now. 



  1. Oh congrats girl that's amazing!!!
    And i'm in love with your twosie
    S xxx

  2. i want your outfit!!! :)



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