Friday, 4 July 2014

The story of an outfit repeat

This is an outfit repeat. And a bit of a rambling post. You know when you wear something cute and you don't feel like you gave it the opportunity to shine to it's full potential? That's what happened the first time this outfit got taken out. Can you tell there's a story coming?

My boyfriend and I decided to spend the weekend at his house so I could meet his family and friends. What I thought was going to be a casual drink affair, soon escalated, as it so often does. It probably wasn't wise that we started the night by pre-drinking Tequila, being the lovers of all things Mexican that we are. Anyway, as predicted, we woke up the next morning feeling a bit fuzzy. After stumbling around his room looking for my gloriously fluffy bag, I came to the conclusion that we'd lost it. God damnit. And did I mention it was holding both of our iPhones? Oh dear.

After many phone calls to the surrounding cab companies and bars that welcomed us with open arms the previous night, we were feeling doomed. We hopped in his pals car and went down to visit the po-po to see if anything had been handed in. Nope, nada. The guy behind the desk said he'd take down all details of the lost items however, and would inform us if they get discovered. Describing my beautiful bag to him was a lot to deal with. He couldn't quite grasp the fact that I had a pink bag covered in the most fluffiest of fluffs. After about five minutes of describing what I meant by 'fluff' he decided to move on to the phones.

"So does your phone have some sort of protective case?"

Here we go...

"Err, yeah?"

I kind you not, the guy pinched the bridge of his nose, shook his head and sighed.

"It's not a fluffy case, is it?"

"No, no! Don't be silly. It's a pug shaped case."

"Pug shaped?"

"Yeah, you know like a pug shaped, dog case?"

"Bloody hell, whoever reads this book next is going to think I've gone mad."

It was a painful and long process as this guy clearly thought we were having him on. It's a good thing I didn't tell him I also had a gingerbread flavoured hand sanitiser in there. Anyway, after a lot of detective work and a lot of saying "I just have a feeling a good citizen has our phones." We found the bloody bag. Under James' bed. Where we had already looked a thousand times. Jeez Louise. I think we definitely out-did ourselves this time.

Anyway, moving on to the outfit pictures.

Yesterday I met two of my pals from home in London for some catch up drinks which was delightful. We went to the cutest pub in East Dulwich which I fell in love with. I thought it was a good occasion for a little outfit repeat. This jumpsuit from ASOS is SO comfy but just be careful because if you have bigger, juicier mangoes than me, you may fall victim to the ol' nipple slip. I was feeling a little pink so I matched my River Island sunglasses to my Birks. And there's the mischievous little fluffy bag of dreams, also from River Island. I also have him in lilac and I want every colour under the sun. I didn't snap a close up of him, sorry, but he'll definitely be by my side a lot so never fear. 

The back of this is lovely, in't it? It's so easy to dress up or dress down. 

I decided to whip my hurr back and forth. Well, side to side. 

And finally, the new addition to my Birkenstock family, the Birkenstock Madrid in rose. I just HAD to buy them because I was born in Madrid and my one of my favourite colours is baby pink. It was fate. 

My toes are so pretty.

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