Friday, 27 June 2014

Hats off to the Graduate.

So kids, I am officially a Fashion Journalism graduate! Wednesday marked the day that I said goodbye to student life, no more lectures, no more late nights before deadline and no more pizza for breakfast... Ok maybe sometimes pizza for breakfast. Maybe. All the time. Although it's scary to think that I am no longer snuggling (or being smothered) under the blanket of education, it's bloody exciting to see where life will be taking me next. 

Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff and on to what I wore for the big day. 

I am a pastel whore and so needed a pastel coloured dress for my graduation quite obviously! This dress ticked all the boxes for me. It was powder blue, one of my favourite colours, pencil shape with a flattering waist band as well as nice detailing at the back. I know it was going to be swamped by my thick black gown which made me sweat like a P-I-G but at least I felt the part underneath the unforgiving black material. If you have a graduation, wedding or occasion to get dressed up then this dress comes in many other colours on the ASOS website, here. I'm so tempted to get every darn colour. 

In terms of accessorising, the dress doesn't need much at all. Let the beauty speak for itself. I decided to go for subtle silver pieces to compliment it. Let's start from the top, down shall we?

Lucky for us UCA kids we got a gloriously sunny day for our graduation, yipee! So I had these Minkpink stunners to help me out with the suns rays. They are reduced to £16 in the ASOS summer sale here, so grab 'em while you can. It's as if fate brought us together.

WARNING: Chubby hands alert.

I look like I've imprisoned my poor fingers in those rings, jeez Louise. 

I only wanted simple jewellery for the day so went for these ASOS every finger fine rings. I know they look like I'm punishing my hands for a heinous crime but I promise they fit and were very comfortable. Super promise! Anyway, attention away from the hands and on to the bag. This metallic beauty is from American Apparel and was the perfect match to my shoes. 

They are beautiful, aren't they? Beautiful but bloody naughty. These deceiving little fellows look like they going to support you with all their straps and chunky heel but oh hell no. Although I didn't fall over on stage, they did make me feel a pain like no other even though I was probably only stood on them for a grand total of about 15 minutes (brought a more sensible pair with me, didn't I?). Don't let that put you off them though, after a couple of glasses of wine I'm sure they'll feel like those beanbag slippers that you heat up in the microwave. Probably wishful thinking, but hey ho!

So here I am, on't River Thames in my graduation cap and gown. I never thought I'd see the day I wore this get-up but god damn, it felt good. Such an amazing day and such an amazing location. The Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre. 

Meet my b-e-a-utiful sister Andrea! She and my mum came up to share the day with me which made it so special and I would just like to thank them for being there and putting up with me throughout the past three years. Actually, the past 22 years. What soldiers they are. My sister's stunning dress is also from ASOS, here. People often tell us we look alike so we thought we'd go for a matching powder blue theme. Cute, huh?

I'll show you a couple of snaps from the ceremony. This is me sauntering across the stage with Beyonce 'Diva' playing in my head... 

As if! I was like a deer in headlights. Look straight ahead. Don't slouch. Smile. But not that creepy smile you're doing now. Don't trip. Stop it with the creepy smile. Don't ankle roll. For the love of God, stop the creepy smile! 

And finally, here is me shaking hands with the amazing Dame Zandra Rhodes, fashion designer and Chancellor of UCA. 

Sorry for the not amazingly clear picture!

All in all, the day was everything I wanted my graduation to be and more. Although there are some family members that I wish could have been there but couldn't be due to being dotted all around the globe, I had an amazing day with my mum, sister, lovely boyfriend and my friends. Although there have been some ups and downs at UCA, I have loved the past three years and this was the perfect ending. Thanks to all the people who helped me get to where I am today, supporting me and believing me. Love you!

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