Sunday, 1 February 2015


Hello my little cherub! How do you do?
A few weeks ago I went to London dressed as some sort of creature of the galaxy to spend the day with my Mummy. 

I smuggled this little fluffatron that's draped around my shoulders out of his home planet. I think he's an endangered species though because I keep getting aggressive phone calls from a very mysterious looking number...

But I don't care because he matches my adorable Moschino phone case that James got me for Christmas! 

He slithered off after a while and left me feeling a bit cold and vulnerable. He said he was hungry. Now, I don't know what little fluffy space creatures like to eat but I did hear something about a missing chihuahua later on... 

After his snack he came back and even brought me a matching coat to wear. 

What a lovely chap. Minus his feeding habits. 

Anyway, as I said (or typed), I was spending the day with my Mother so we went to check out the God's Own Junkyard Exhibition at Lights of Soho. I now know exactly what I want the walls of my future house to look like. 

I will leave you to enjoy, sweetcheeks!


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