Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's Day Was Out Of This World

Hello bunnies! 

I hope you all had a glorious Valentine's Day whether you spent it with your significant other, the toilet bowl of a dirty club or your hamster. 

This year was my first Valentine's Day with ma boy, James. We decided to escape planet Earth for the day and visited the Dark Universe at the Planetarium instead. After a wonderful experience, we tumbled back down to earth and indulged in some Mexican food in Wahaca, Soho

I decided to get a little festive in my ensemble for the day...

I did originally want to dress as cupid but as it is bloody cold, I decided it was a silly idea to walk around London in nothing but a diaper and a pair of cherub wings. If only Valentine's Day was during the heat of the summer...

James found my heart bouncing around somewhere nearly a year ago and has had her tucked away up until now. He decided to tie her to some string and let me hang around with her for the day. It was good to be reunited and I gave her a little cuddle...

I think she prefers James though because she kept trying to escape. 

After a tug of war, we came to an agreement that if she behaved for the rest of the day, she could go home with James again so then we were pals and were just being all cute together. 

She kept trying to steal the spotlight though...

Soon I wasn't even in shot.

Don't we look co-ordinated though? 

My roll neck was £3 from a charity shop. 

Now I love me a little Moschino and this is China's finest. I might not have money for the real deal but I sure as hell have the £3.99 it cost me from eBay. Check it out here

This adorable skirt is from ASOS and I think it's currently in the sale. Unfortunately the matching top was sold out, heartbroken. 

Just after this picture was taken, things turned ugly and she decided she didn't want to be my friend anymore so James had to tie her to the goody bag he got me.

I'm going to paint that bitch black, you'd think she was made of coal.  

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

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  1. This outfit is amazing, you look so pretty :)


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