Friday, 13 June 2014

Granny feet in Green Park

Happy Friday the 13th one and all. Hope you all have a black cat on standby to stroke into the night whilst you gaze at the full moon in the black sky... 

Anyway, yesterday me and my besty decided to go for a picnic in Green Park. I bloody love London in the summer time and we have just found out our university grades, (we are both officially graduating with 2:1's, yay!) so we thought we'd celebrate and finally relax with some sunshine, green grass and a lot of salami. Salami is our one true love. And olives. And bread. And everything. 

With a belly full of too much deliciousness, I decided to recline on this wonderfully inviting deck chair which happened to match my ASOS playsuit (different prints here and here). Nifty, huh? My affair with the chair was short lived, however as the deckchair policeman soon came around expecting £1.60 per hour of bum to chair contact. Sorry mister, I don't own £1.60. Help me, I'm poor. 

I decided to go incognito and put on my Minkpink sunglasses. 

But it was time to leave and enjoy the sun elsewhere. 

After perusing the area and walking off too many sun-dried tomatoes, we decided to meander down to Queen Lizzie's crib and make a wish in the fountain like true tourists. It's always fun to be a tourist for the day. 

With only a penny to spare, I clutched it in my chubby, clammy hand wondering what I should wish for. An iron perhaps? Looking rather crumpled again, are we? I blame all the strenuous activity of the day, lolling around on a blanket and putting food in my mouth. Tough. 

In the end I made a wish, a rather outrageous wish. I wished for the perfect accessory to my outfit. Something that's comfortable and stylish. Something that is practical and desirable. 

I wished for a deckchair. A bloody deckchair. Or at least £1.60 so I could hire the deckchair of my dreams. I guess I could have fished the dollar out of the water, I spotted a shiny £2 coin in there earlier...

No, I'm not one to mess up people's wishes. That's naughty. Instead I'll show you the back of my playsuit. It's perfect for a lazy day sunning in the park, it's comfortable and you don't have to worry about strap marks on your back. 

Now I'll just sit here and wait for my knight in a high-vis jacket to come along and permit me to relax in the comfort of a deckchair. 

Also, love them or hate them Birkenstocks are my new favourite sandal. I pushed the limits of ugly shoes by rocking a sock and sandal but I'm sure the Queen would give me her approval. Nothing wrong with granny feet when you're in Green Park. 

What do you think of Birkenstocks or socks and sandals? 



  1. I have just purchased my very own pair of white Arizona birks and have been playing with different ways of styling them. Your sock-in-birk look definitaly made for a whole new source of inspiration!

    1. Thanks doll, that's lovely of you to say! I just love them, they're so comfy! xx

  2. I'm a big fan of the sandals and socks trend. Birkenstocks are especially beautiful, and they look better with socks. I like your nose ring, too. You would look amazing if you got more piercings and wore black socks with your beautiful Birks!


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