Sunday, 18 March 2012

Brolly good Madam!

Her Royal Majesty. The Queen of England. The ruler of our Kingdom. An 85 year-old woman with penchant for Corgis and matching her umbrellas to her clothing. Although I am not stating that I am going to stock up on attire similar to Queen Elizabeth’s, I am giving her recognition for her dedication to maintaining a colour scheme in all her outfits. When I first saw the photos of her perfectly coloured umbrellas it made me happy. Here is a woman who dresses herself in beautiful colours and honours us by using a clear umbrella so we can see her lovely little face. Why hasn’t this been done before? Spring is approaching and although we have been blessed with some unexpected sunshine, we need to remember we are in England and more often than not we’re going to experience some pretty glum weather. We’ve got to be realistic- we are definitely more likely to need a carefully co-ordinated umbrella than a pair of Havaianas.

The Queen purchases her umbrellas from Fulton in London’s East End. Fulton has grown to become the largest supplier of umbrellas and rainwear accessories in the UK today and they have an extensive range to choose from on their website You could go for Her Majesty’s choice of rain protection gear, see-through ‘birdcage’ style for around £16 or perhaps a slightly more detailed pattern. I particularly like the ‘Pink Daisy Pagoda’ for £35. Slightly more pricey but a good investment- if we’re talking cost per use then it’s going to pay for itself especially with the infamous ‘April showers’ looming. In the meantime, I think I’ll keep one eye on Lizzie for future inspiration.

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