Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What I wore today...

To start off the first post of my blog I might as well declare my love for charity shops. It all started when I was first introduced to the art of 'carbooting' by my friend Amy and her mum, otherwise known as the Carboot Queens. Amy would always show up to school with an amazing vintage bag or on the weekends she would be wearing a beautiful dress and every time I asked her where it was from she would always say, 'My mum bought it for me at the carboot.' Whereas most people would hesitate to admit shopping at carboot sales, she didn't care because she was the one wearing unique pieces or designer gear for not much more than a fiver! They would always know the best places to go, what time to go, how to haggle so it wasn't long before I was tagging along and seeing the second-hand light. Once I got the buzz of someone asking me where something was from and seeing their surprised face when I announced it was, in fact, from a carboot sale I never looked back. I was soon looking elsewhere for a chance to get my hands on some second-hand gems. I turned to charity shops and then the obvious next step, Ebay. Although I love Ebay more than I love my Grandma, nothing quite beats trawling through charity shops and carboot sales, getting the rush when you find a hidden treasure.

When I moved to Epsom I was pleasantly surprised with the array of charity shops I had at my disposal and although the area is swarming with fashion students I still managed to make a purchase each time I visited them. A few days ago I embarked on a charity shop rummage and bought this bow tie along with another blue one for £1.50 each which was certainly a delight. Although it is stereotypical for a girl, my favourite colour, unfortunately, is pink and in typically girly fashion, my bow tie also matched my favourite lipstick colour! I wore it with a white shirt tucked in to some high waisted black and gold leggings from the Topshop sale (always on a bargain hunt) and I embraced the masculine look with some tough leather but also a splash of pink. I will post any future charity shop purchases, along with any other items my bank account can afford, to see what you think of them!

P.S you never feel guilty after a splurge as you know your money is going to excellent causes. It'd be rude not to.

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  1. never be ashamed to buy from charity shops. I love the rush of someone asking you where you bought something and secretly feel quite smug when I know its practically a one off.

    Keep up the good work Sonia!


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