Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wild At Heart

There's a theme in today's post. I'm thinking 1999. I'm thinking Eiffel 65. That's right, I'm thinking I'm blue daba dee daba die.

If you know me, you'll know I'm a fan of colour. A little pink here, a little rainbow there, so when you have a blank canvas like this Zara shirt dress (which is now in the sale if you can track it down) you've got to play with some colour. 

Blue is very much pleasing to my eye. I love blue. I took blue and I multiplied it. Hunting through my overflowing floordrobe, I spied out the hues of blue.

From head...             (Sunglasses here).

To toe(s)...               (Sandals, similar here).

Even my little fluffy sidekick had his blue hat on for the occasion. 

And to finish it off, the dream location for someone feeling way too blue, this adorable florist in Notting Hill. Everything about it is so dreamy, but I almost wish they were open on this fine day so I could have treated my dreamboat of a photographer, Rosie, to some blooms. 

I feel like they knew we were coming though, as they left my favourite hydrangeas in the window in BLUE! 

How many more times can I say blue?
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