Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ying Yang

My first ever blog post mentioned my love of a strong, independent woman in my life. A blonde bombshell with a butt that won't quit. With the locks of Rapunzel and the feet of a barbarian (don't be mad, you know my gappy claws aren't much better) she's been next to me from the spotty, puberty days to the more recent panicked I'm-an-adult-now stage. This is the ying to my yang, the Tammy to my Girl and the verruca to my toe. This is Amy Kelly, the girl who once signed me up to do shot put at an athletics competition so I could miss double science one afternoon. You've always had my back sister. 

The weekend just gone I went to stay with my baby gal for big ol' catch up and to relive our youth of drinking cocktails of cheap vodka and a mixer that's more acceptable at a child's birthday party, Lilt. 

We decided to swap attire for the night...

She in my ASOS top and cheap Monday skirt...

And I in her gloriously embellished shorts. 

These emerald green shorts of perfection were one of her finds at the carboot. Carboot Queen at her finest. Let's take a closer peek. 

Now I know these weren't the conventional, posey blog shots you normally lay your weary eyes on but girls just wanna have fun. Cyndi'll tell ya. 


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