Thursday, 19 September 2013

Reaching for the forbidden fruit.

Yesterday I went about my daily business in my new ASOS slip dress, ASOS crop top, eBay necklace and jelly shoes. I was feeling a bit mischievous so went outside to see what I could get up to.

Whilst out there, a ginger creature slinked over to me. He told me he had something important to say, something about some forbidden fruit. I was hesitant to listen to such a mysterious fellow but he intruiged me in his strawberry blonde coat. I bent down just enough so he could reach my ear and he said, 'If you reach up, pick that apple and eat it you will be lavished with all the luxuries in the land.'

Well, this news brought a wide grin to my face but why was this young chap trying to help me? What would he gain? All he asked for in return was a tickle behind the ears and a bite of the apple himself. He may be a gangly fellow but he doesn't quite have the advantages of a human. What shall I do?

I slowly reached up with the golden devil cheering me on. I guess he had some luxuries to claim for himself...

Temptation got the better of me and with a firm tug, the apple came loose from the branch. What now? 'Eat it', hissed the creature.

So I did. Oopsy!

I am yet to see the luxuries promised by the ginger bugger.

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