Saturday, 29 June 2013


Today is a great day, the sun is shining, there's a warm breeze and everyone is sneezing. Feels like summer, doesn't it? It's also a great day because I'm introducing you all to my favourite little person, my beautiful niece Lucia aka Luli aka Minky aka Cutie Pattoottee (my family tend to give each other silly nicknames and they usually stick. My two older sisters go by the name Wow and Blab and they will until we're little old ladies). Anyway on to the the little lady...

I took her to a cute little poppy field in her cute little playsuit from Next that her wonderful Auntie (me) got her for her third birthday.

Look at her being a mini blogger.

She showed off her new ink too...

Her adorable little bag is from the H&M childrens department. 

Don't you just love her chubby little knees?

Rocking the oversized shades...

She's a pro at this isn't she?

Well I think she did a better job than me for sure, so I was thinking of making her a regular visitor on my blog. What do you think?

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