Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sunshine and sequins

Is there anything more wonderful than putting on some sequins and glistening in the sunshine? Well maybe bathing in a vat of cookie dough ice cream whilst being serenaded by a pack of yapping pug puppies, but for the time being this'll do. This Saturday I made my way to Spitalfields Market with some of my lovely gal pals from uni to do a little shoot and film for my little treacle tart Laura's Final Major Project (here is her blog). She's currently working on getting the footage together so I will post that and some more about that day sometime in the very near future... Here is the attire I decided to sport for the day.

I'm having a love affair with all white everything at the moment and one of my most recent purchases is this delicious leather jacket from River Island, ain't she a beauty? 


 Continuing the white theme is this dream of a rucksack from New Look. It's such a good size, everything is currently rattling around in there. I'll pad it out with some candy or something.

 My cropped jumper is from Glamorous.

Although I was tempted to wear some white shoes, I decided to push some pastel into this ensemble. 

 Matching with my nail polish, of course. This one is Models Own and smells like apples, so delish. My ring is from ASOS.

 Thought I'd treat you to a little close up of the sparkles, courtesy of River Island.


 I'm proud of myself for getting through the day without staining all the whiteness I was rocking, especially as my day started with a huge, melty double chocolate chip muffin and ended with a couple of naughty-looking red cocktails. God, I live life on the edge.


  1. Love the rucksack <3 golds and creams are such a lovely colour combo! xx


    1. Thank you lovey! Yes, I'm loving all thing white/cream at the mo!xxx


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